A Christmas Miracle for Daisy

1h 25m 2021


Whitney (Wagner) owns Marietta Designs, an interior-design firm which she runs with her friend Andi (Tegan Moss). She's designing Santa's float for the town's annual Christmas parade when a potential job opportunity comes her way: the full redesign of a landmark house by Christmas Eve. Despite the challenge, Whitney and Andi sign on to the job-- then discover the home's new owner is Whitney's ex-boyfriend Connor (Bateman), who has moved to town from Los Angeles with his bright-eyed young daughter Daisy (Rubi Tupper). Connor had no intention of becoming a family man, but when his goddaughter was orphaned, he adopted her and committed to becoming a devoted single dad. More than anything, Daisy wishes for a mom to complete her picture-perfect family, and no prospect is as perfect as Whitney. Tall order, but Christmas is a time for miracles.

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